A summer of travel and art

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Since my last blog, we traveled later then usual to Canada due to the death of my father in law. We traveled to the Calgary Stampede for pre booked events with friends from England after which I attended the encaustic camp in  Seattle Washington. As I paint with encaustics as well, this week long immersion in them was a treat. Part of our week included a trip to Seattle and a visit to the studio of Willow Bader. She is a professional artist who paints large pieces in encaustic. I loved to see the result of this medium at the hands of a painter who painted almost in an impressionistic style. I have included a picture of her studio and some of the many paintings which she had there.

Later when we returned to England, I attended a three day oil painting course on light and atmosphere with my favourite oil instructor, Martin Kinnear. One of the still unfinished pieces is below as well. In between times, I managed to help hang our annual Dupont Art Show where I was successful with the  sale of a couple of my pieces. Tomorrow I am helping to hang an Embroiders Guild show at Nyman’s National Trust site. It will run for a week and show be lovely to see.

I am now also working feverishly  to complete two pieces of textile based work for two Surface Design shows in Canada.  It is good to be busy but a bit of calm would be nice as well. Judy



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