Wind Blown

I am busy preparing for my solo exhibition at the White Rock library starting on Saturday, march 2nd. I didn’t realize how much work there is in putting this together. It will run for the month of march with an … Continued

Patcham Arts

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As a member of Patcham Arts, I have displays at the #patchamcommunitycenter This center is a large very busy community treasure. With it’s hanging rails and multiple venues, there is constant activity from a host of organizations. Here are my … Continued

Party Chick

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I was given a delightful garden sculpture for Christmas.  I was totally in love with it and had to put it into one of my mixed media paintings. ‘Party Chick’ resulted and limited edition giclee  prints on canvas are now … Continued

Wee Robin

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My favorite robin painting has been a favorite to others as the limited edition giclee print on canvas has sold at Jolliffees cafe through #dupontartclub and Jazz night at #patchamcommunitycenter  with # #patchamartclub in the. Month of January. I am … Continued

The Hove Club

it is with pleasure that I was accepted by #thehoveclub  in Brighton and Hove to exhibit some of my art. After viewing  a number of the various  lovely art deco rooms in this historic building, I choice the lounge area. … Continued

Patcham Parish Church Fare

Come see us today at the old Patcham Village and the Parish Church for the Christmas fare. There will be many crafts and art to see along with a lovely selection of goodies to eat and drink. We are open … Continued

Ghostly night

I loved painting this small piece originally. It started its life as two people under umbrellas in a rain storm, it has been interpreted as a ghostly night which is available as a giclee print in both BC ($40)and the … Continued

Through Fresh Eyes Exhibition

The South Delta Artists guild is presenting their next Exhibition ‘Through Fresh Eyes’ for the month of September. Gallery 1710 is located off highway 17A at 1710 56th street in Tsawwassen BC. I have two pieces of art in the … Continued

Patcham Arts exhibition

Members of Patcham Arts just finished hanging an ongoing exhibition which will be at the Patcham Community Center in their newly updated building. We have been the signature art club for the community centre since 2014 with the centre, allowing … Continued

Autumn Glow

Autumn is a lovely time for nature to show off with the most extraordinary layers of colour and texture.i loved adding these layers with collage, paint and textured mediums. Enjoy finding the red dot that I put on all my … Continued

Three Oaks

This painting started life in a workshop at #bobbybritnell s lovely teaching facility in Shropshire, UK with #alexmacintyre . i enjoyed adding layers to this mixed media painting giving it a depth of texture with collage and layered paints. Mixed … Continued

The Road Not Taken

This mixed media piece gave me an ideal place to write my favourite poem by Robert frost. It is titled the road not taken.   It is made with soya and pigment based paint and inks on board. The poem … Continued

Cheeky Robin

This little Cheeky English robin is a brave flash of colour in the British winter. It is an acrylic mixed media painting on canvas. Cheeky Robin Acrylic on canvas 12 by 16” (30 by 40 cm) £150.00  

Japanese Anenomies

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This acrylic painting was created on board. The beauty and delicacy of the flowers amazed me. It was a delight in painting them. Japanese Anemonies Acrylic on Board (framed) £290

Falling Leaves

After a delightful textile  summer school with textile expert and teacher, Wendy Dolan I enjoyed working on a mixed media piece which I started there  and called Falling Leaves. It was made with layered textiles which were stitched down, painted … Continued

The Old Water Mill

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This   Oil painting  was painted for an  exhibition called Foundations and Inspirations by the South Delta Artists Guild. I loved the old building and historic feeling of the old mill. The Old Water Mill Oil on deep canvas 11” … Continued

Burst of Fire

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This bouquet of tulips started to  go over after a massive burst of colours. I enjoyed capturing this riot of colour with acrylic  on board Burst of Fire 16” by 24” (framed) acrylic on board £290

Doorway In Malta

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Doorway in Malta was painted in oil on canvas. I enjoyed capturing the lovely feel of an actual living space with all of its terracotta pots. Doorway in Malta oil on deep Canvas 11” by 14” (25cm by 35cm) £150 … Continued


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Poppies are a favorite flower in the spring and summer growing along the roads and in fields. They are a vibrant and tenacious flower, never giving up and growing where there is soil and sun. Poppies Acrylic on deep Canvas … Continued

Painted Sun Rise

This is a textile and painted piece which was stitched. The inspiration was an amazing sunrise in western Canada captured by my sister Faye. It was hard to believe that the sky’s could produce such colors. This piece started out … Continued


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A mother deer and her fawn are hidden in this undergrowth. I love the lost and found edges with these animals. Hidden 24 by 28 inches.framed oil on board £480

Dawn Chorus

This 12 by 16″ oil painting started out with just a colourful sunrise. Hearing the dawn chorus early every morning, I decided to add the chorus of birds to the sunrise. Chorus at Dawn oil on board 8” by 11” … Continued

Potting Shed

Now that summer is here, our #livelyladies are embarking on a new green adventure. They have secured and are  clearing out a new allotment. Of course it would be the  little dog Blossum that dug up an unexpected treasure! I’m … Continued

Tuscan Courtyard

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As you wander around the lovely quaint villages in Tuscany, images of these courtyards appear like a colourful painting. This one is 10 by 12 inches on acrylic canvas. Tuscan Courtyard Acrylic on deep canvas 10“ by 12” £150   … Continued

Lavender and Sunflowers in Tuscany

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This painting is part of a series of Tuscany inspired scenes. I love the hill sides of olive trees and lavender fields. The lavender fields paint hillsides in all directions with an occasional colourful cottage tucked away in the valleys. … Continued


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This acrylic painting displays the reflections of natures colour parade. The lupins were scattered throughout the meadow along with a mix of white and yellow flowers. It is painted on a deep canvas measuring 12 by 16 inches. Sold

South Downs

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I loved this view of the South Downs from Tegnet hill. The undulating hills and curves are captivating. it makes me wonder what ancient civilisation has a hand in shaping them along with nature. South Downs oil on  paper, framed. … Continued

Down a Country Lane

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In this oil painting I tried to show the pleasure of a days walk in  country lanes. It was painted in Norfolk but could be anywhere where such pleasure can be found. Down a Contry lane oil on boaard 20 … Continued


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This oil painting was inspired when I was in a forested place in north Norfolk where I was painting Plein air. Everything was so still and soft which is the feeling I wish to  show on this work Still Waters … Continued

Cooling Off

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This 12 by 16 inch oil painting was inspired by our local birds that enjoy the new fountain we have in our garden. There have been up to 4 birds in it at one time which just left a white … Continued

Pot of Tulips

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I was given this lovely bouquet of tulips for mothers day. I was entranced with the many colours and the change in shapes as they aged. I painted it in oil on a 12 by 16 inch deep canvas. sold … Continued


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This lovely climbing flower shares it’s space with a yellow climbing rose on the front of my studio. The combination of the two colours gives me a buzz. It inspires one to paint this beauty as it did with this … Continued

The Old Shed

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I had the opportunity to do some plein air painting at the Cheakamus Conference Centre in Brachendale, BC. It is located close to Vancouver, BC  and is surrounded by the coastal range of mountains and forests. They are a wonderful … Continued

A Secret Place

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This Bubbling Brook canvas painting reminds me of secret little spots in the valleys of both the UK and Canada . It is painted with acrylic on canvas. . I love the old world feel about this painting. A Secret … Continued


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This painting was layered for texture with acrylic mediums It was inspired by the many birds living in our south downs and back garden in Brighton Acrylic on canvas 12″ by 16″ Status; Sold      


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This acrylic collage  mixed media piece was inspired by the beautiful country of rolling hills and farmers taking in their harvest. The Collage addes lovely texture to this atmospheric piece. mixed media 30 by 40 inches framed. £600. Staus; available location; … Continued

First Snow

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This commissioned  painting was completed recently. The autumn colors on the trees amidst the snow gives it the title First Snow, oil on canvas; 30cm by 40 cm . Status;sold.

Winter Sun Reflections

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This atmospheric piece was inspired by the sun setting though the local forrest.  Acrylic painting on canvas 16 inches by 24 inches  £290 Status; Available Location; Artists studio, UK

Autumn Harvest

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  the foothills of Alberta was where I viewed this. The farmers had just taken off their crops and the Rocky mountains already had a dusting of snow. It is a mixed media piece with torn painted  pieces of paper … Continued

Winter wanderings

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Back in my native Canada, we can occasionally get heavy snowfalls in the Vancouver area. I have imagined a walk through a snowy landscape with my grand daughter. 18″ by 20″ acrylic on canvas £120 on sale Status; available location; … Continued

English Robins

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Wee Robin i love the feisty little English robins which are so different to the North American ones. I have painted three different paintings of them which 10 inches by 12 inches acrylic  on canvas £120.00 Status; Available location; Artists … Continued

Meadow Flowers

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I love banks of flowers in the meadows and gardens. The technique is quite loose and impressionistic, showing much of the texture from the collages incorporated in it. 12″ by 36″ Acrylic on canvas £440.00 Status; sold location; Artist Studio, … Continued

In Search of Pastures New

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   All living things are hardwired into continuing their species. The journey to do this it takes many forms. The humble dandelion enjoys a full blossom in spring which turns into  a bundle of seed heads which float on the … Continued

Into The Breeze

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I’ve enjoyed my windswept series of flowers. Many include textiles or other mediums to enhance the texture of the pieces. With this piece, I can picture a flower boarder of pink tulips in a strong wind blowing bits of flowers … Continued

Royal Reflections

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This acrylic painting was painted plein air at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton and Hove. There is a small pond in front of the pavilion which reflects the structure. The sea gull watched as I painted hoping to get something … Continued


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A mother deer and her fawn are hidden in this undergrowth. I love the lost and found edges with these animals. Hidden 20 by 24 inches. oil on board £480 Status; available location; in artists studio in UK 

Fields of Gold

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I love the fields of canola (rape seed) in the spring. The vibrancy of the yellow is magic around the country. 20″ by 30″ oil on board £600.00 Status; available location; Artists studio UK  

Into The Woods

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This acrylic painting  had eli-glow added to clear resin and was then painted over with this mixture. The result is a lovely soft glow of the lighter portions When it  is in the dark. 10″ by 14″ Acrylic on panel, … Continued


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Wandering the south downs at sunset gives one the opportunity to view amazing sunsets such as this one. 16″ by 20″ Oil on board £320.00 Status; Avalable Location; Artists studio UK    

South Downs II

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This is one of a series of 3 capturing the changing weather and colors in the south downs UK as the rivers travel to the ocean. 11 by 15 in. framed Acrylic on Fine Art Paper £220.00 status; Available location; Artists … Continued

South Downs and the River Ouse

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The rivers flowing to the sea though the chalk down in the uk are a wonder to enjoy. 12 by 16 by 2 in. framed Acrylic on Fine Art Paper £220.00 Status; avalable Location; Artists studio Canada    

Winter Falling

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This scene reminds me of the many times I wandered through the Rocky Mountains near Banff. 10″ by 14″ Acrylic on Canvas £150.00 Status; Available Location; Artists studio UK

Royal Pavilion

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Inspiration for this piece is of course, the Royal Pavillion in Brighton at sunset. 10 by 12 Acrylic on Board (framed) £120.00 status; available location; Artists studio UK                         … Continued


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This location was originally painted by Edward Seago, a British artist. The area has not changed.  The final piece was finished with cold wax which gives it a lovely sheen. 18 by 24 in. Oil and cold wax on Canvas  £290.00 … Continued

Autumn Reflections

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This little oil painting was completed after a walk though the National trust site of the same name in the south of England. It is oil of board.   12 by 14 in. Oil on Wood £170 Status; available Location; … Continued

Landscape with Cypress

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This was inspired by a recently discovered piece by Klimpt. 24″ by 28″ Acrylic on Canvas £285.00 Status’ avalable location; Artist studio UK    

Kirkstone Pass

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 This oil painting was of Kirkston Pass located in England’s Lake district. I loved the colours in it and the tried to show the majesty of the surrounding hills. 16″ by 20″ Oil on Canvas £220.00 Status; available location; Artist … Continued

In between the waves

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Painting the transparent look to waves can be a challenge. 24″ by 30″ Oil on Canvas £720.00 status; available location; Jolliffees cafe and gallery Brighton

The Bruning of the Houses of Lords and Commons (after Turner)

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Description: This large rather dramatic piece was painted by Turner in 1835. It is part of my series of Painting the Masters. I loved the multiple layered glazes which gave this paining great depth and makes the colour sizzle.   24 … Continued

Reeds on Red

  Being inspired by wind blown reads, I painted this onto silk and layered and stitched into  it. 48 by 32 in. Mixed Media on Silk framed £1550 status; avalable location; Artists Studio Canada  

Cave Pony

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In Private Collection Framed 16 by 11 by 1 in. Acrylic on Fine Art Paper Style: Contemporary Realism Subject: Animals Year Created: 2012 Description: This piece was inspired by the cave paintings in the Chauvet Cave in France. It is … Continued

Cave Bull

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Sold Framed 12 by 17 by 1 in. Acrylic on Fine Art Paper Style: Representational Subject: Animals Year Created: 2012 Description: This piece was inspired by the cave paintings in the Chauvet Cave, France. It is painted with acrylic on … Continued

Cave Pony 2

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In Private Collection Unframed 10 by 8 by 1 in. Encaustic on Wood Style: Contemporary Realism Subject: Equine Year Created: 2012 Description: This encaustic piece was first drawn directly on the plywood background before being layered with encaustic waxes and … Continued

Tides Out

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Framed 15 by 20 in. Oil on Canvas Style: Interpretative Subject: Seascape Description: I visited Ros on Sea in northern Wales recently and was entranced to see this scene of the local break water with the tide out. It was … Continued

Beech trees at Sunset

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In Private Collection Unframed 14 by 10 by 1 in. Acrylic on Fine Art Paper Style: Mural Subject: Nature Year Created: 2009 Description: This piece was painted using a combination of acrylic paints, inks and archival pens. Artist’s Comments: My husband … Continued


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$2,400.00 46 by 32 by 1 in. Framed. Fibre on Cotton Style: Contemporary Realism Subject: Science Description: This large piece is multi layered, stitched and bonded silk,synthetic and cotton threads on a dyed cotton velvet background. The inspiration for it came … Continued


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Gicle prints only £50 matted Unframed 12 by 8 in. Acrylic on Wool Style: Contemporary Realism Subject: Portrait Year Created: 200 Description: Metallic and dyed cotton fibres are laid over dyed wool felt. Embellishments are added and stitched over. Artist’s Comments: Gramps … Continued