Patcham Arts exhibition

Members of Patcham Arts just finished hanging an ongoing exhibition which will be at the Patcham Community Center in their newly updated building. We have been the signature art club for the community centre since 2014 with the centre, allowing … Continued

Little Blue Tit

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This little mixed media painting was purchased during the AOH in Brighton at #oxfordstreetstudio and is on it’s way to it’s new home in the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean. They may not be familiar with this wee bird there!

Cheeky Robin

This little Cheeky English robin is a brave flash of colour in the British winter. It is an acrylic mixed media painting on canvas. Cheeky Robin Acrylic on canvas 12 by 16” (30 by 40 cm) £150.00  

Falling Leaves

After a delightful textile  summer school with textile expert and teacher, Wendy Dolan I enjoyed working on a mixed media piece which I started there  and called Falling Leaves. It was made with layered textiles which were stitched down, painted … Continued


Spring is when these lovely little flowers cover the ground throughout the world. They welcome the warmer weather and sunny days. I enjoyed producing mixed media textile pieces. In the prairies of Alberta, the wild crocus is soft and very … Continued


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Living in Canada as well as UK, I am very aware of the devastation that climate change is having on the environment. From uncontrolled wildfires to extensive flooding and receding glaciers, I wanted to show my concern in some of … Continued

At Full Moon

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This little sparrow was captured in moon light. It was printed on black silk with discharge paste which I love using. It can give different colours depending on the materials used. The sparrow showed some lovely textile reflections of colour. … Continued

Tuscany a Winner

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I am delighted that my little textile piece called Tuscany was selected today as the runner up on the Brighton and Hove Arts Council on line exhibition. Apparently a bottle of Prosecco is coming my way as well. I am … Continued

Magic Forest

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The Autumn time is a golden one with lots of plants pouring their fruits and seeds amid the forest. I love walking though crisp leaves and enjoying the fresh smells. This time of year inspired this mixed media oil painting … Continued

Walkies in the Snow

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This art work started with a background of a fall orange coloured scene which I added a mixed media of marble dust and cold wax with acrylic to give the feeling of distance. The large trees in the front were … Continued

Into The Breeze

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I’ve enjoyed my windswept series of flowers. Many include textiles or other mediums to enhance the texture of the pieces. With this piece, I can picture a flower boarder of pink tulips in a strong wind blowing bits of flowers … Continued

Seed Pods

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For Sale – Inquire Framed 12 by 16 by 1 in. Mixed Media on Canvas Style: Contemporary Subject: Floral Year Created: 2015 Description: This mixed media piece is made with acrylic and mediums, painted on crushed watercolor paper, bonded to canvas and … Continued

Yorkshire Dales

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In Private Collection Framed 28 by 38 by 2 in. Mixed Media on Fine Art Paper Style: Contemporary Realism Subject: Female Year Created: 2015 Description: This piece of mixed media collage was a commission to do a view of the Yorkshire dales and … Continued


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Sold 30 by 40 in. Mixed Media on Canvas Style: Caricature Subject: Childrens Story Year Created: 2015 Description: This large piece was painted on watercolor paper, crunched and then bonded onto textile and heavily machine and hand stitched. Artist’s Comments: This … Continued

Coquelicots (after Monet)

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In Private Collection Framed 17 by 23 in. Mixed Media on Canvas Style: Impressionist Subject: Landscape Year Created: 2015 Description: This piece was painted on fine watercolor paper, crunched into pulp. bonded to textile and heavily stitched by machine and hand. … Continued


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Framed 28 by 16 by 1 in. Mixed Media on Paper Style: Expressionist Subject: Forrest Year Created: 2014 Description: This is a mixed media piece including paper, paint and stitch. It was created for the across Canada show by the Surface … Continued

Grandma’s Magical Stories (lions and tigers and bears, Oh My)

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Sold Framed 12 by 13 Fibre on Synthetic Fibre Style: Expressionist Subject: Whimsical Year Created: 2014 Description: This piece is made with crushed layered paper and textiles which have been painted, layered with textiles and stitched. It was made for … Continued

Bamboo Sunrise

Framed 16 by 12 by 1 in. Mixed Media on Fine Art Paper Style: Illustrative Subject: Botanical Year Created: 2012 Description: This piece was painted in acrylic then stitched over with cotton thread. Sold sold

Vegtable Patch

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Not for Sale Framed 10 by 48 in. Collage on Card Style: Expressionist Subject: Fruit & Vegetables Description: This collage is made up of organic shapes from stamping using various mediums and materials in earth tones. Artist’s Comments: I loved … Continued