Love those Lively Ladies

During the Covid lockdown, I turned to my ipad to do my art. I enjoyed the thought of two LADIES of a certain age thourouly enjoying new adventures. Yes they were a little reckless and even their faithful doggy Blossum couldn’t influence some of there more eccentric escapades.

I put these Lively Lady adventures on my website and on facebook. To my surprise they soon developed quite a following with many people sending in suggestions on new adventures for the ladies to explore. They are still quite loved by their old and new fans as was demonstrated today with the sale of so many Lovely Lady cards.

I have made cards of all 24 adventures that they have had fun in. Today many people stopped by my booth and started to chuckle when reading about some of their  adventures, buying the cards and asking if they were available on line.

I have not pushed their presence in the past but wanted to let you know about them and direct you to their presence under media – Lively Ladies, on my website. The cards are available for sale at 4 cards for £10.00 plus postage.

I hope that you enjoy reading about the Lively Ladies adventures. More are coming. In the meantime, here is a lively ladies Christmas card for you with warmest wishes from me and my family


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