Chagall Windows at All Saints Church Tudeley, Kent, UK

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Recently I spent a lovely day with two girlfriends looking at the magnificent Chagall stained glass windows  in the wee little All Saints Church located in the middle of the beautiful Kent countryside. We were the only ones there so we were able to sit and sketch some of these windows, absorbing the peace and reverence of this chapel.

Marc Chagall was commissioned to do these about 60 years ago by a wealthy member of the church in memory of this families’ daughter who drown at  the age 21. The colours are amazing with the blues and gold which  painted the inside of the chapel. I loved his sensitive reference to the daughter in many of the windows. This is surly a must to see for anyone coming to Kent in  England.To complete the day, there was an old 14th century pub close by where we had a yummy lunch in their out door patio.



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