Angelus by Millet

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As part of my series, Painting the Masters, I have just completed this picture which was inspired by Millet’s  Angelus. This is part of a series under the able direction of Martin Kinnear, oil painter and teacher in Norfolk, UK. This painting was completed in 1859 on commission but never collected. It was then named Prayer for the Potato Crop. Millet therefore renamed it. Angelus, and it was shown in 1865.

It is through practice that we can improve our skills, in what ever venue they may be. With this piece, the use of multiple glazes was necessary to achieve the sombreness of the subject. Overlaying colour in glazes or even with sheers on textile pieces can add complexity and depth to the work. I hope that you enjoy this.

Angelus (Prayer for the Potato Crop) (after Millet)




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