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Living in Canada as well as UK, I am very aware of the devastation that climate change is having on the environment. From uncontrolled wildfires to extensive flooding and receding glaciers, I wanted to show my concern in some of my art. This is a textile piece that I made years ago. it was felted with various types of wool and scrim then heavily stitched and beaded. During the felting , stones were added to add texture and illustrate small pieces of ice from the receding glacier. it was originally made for an environment climate change exhibition which is very topical today.

I pulled it out to show friends recently and said that I didn’t know what to do with it but thought that cutting it up to incorporate in other art was a possibility. The resulted in a very strong objection from them. As a result, I decided to mount it on covered 20″ by 30″ ¬†canvas for the Brighton and Hove Arts Council annual exhibition on July 21-24th at the Brighton Friends centre. It is being exhibited with the Brighton Embroidery Group (embroiders Guild) who are part of the council.

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