Art comes in many forms

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A couple of days ago I had the pleasure of celebrating the 72nd birthday of my friend Carol Cleveland. For those who don’t know Carol, she was and is the only female member of the Monty Python group, Carol is listed an actress and comedian. She joined the Pythons over 50 years ago and has continued to pursue her acting and entertaining throughout her life. She has joined the Dupont art group which I am a member of and has sold a number of her paintings as well. Fortunately for her and her Python friends, they have resurrected the Monty Pythons and have sold out 10 performances at London’s huge o2 arena this coming summer.

I look at her long career and am reminded that anyone who wants to succeed in their chosen field must put in long hours and persevere. Whether you are a painter, textile artist, actress, musician, writer or are in any other  field, one can  continue to improve and enjoy the pleasure your profession gives you.  Continue to expand your talents in what ever way you choose.

Thankyou Carol for sharing your celebrations with me.



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  1. Anne Funnell

    You do mix with the most amazing folk Judy. That’s a great post and I’m sure it will encourage a lot of people.

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