Breaking Down Landscape using Cubist Techniques

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 Breaking  down Landscape using Cubist Techniques.

Cezanne was a four runner with Cubism as well as art deco. He would look at form and construct it in a dimensional way into shapes, simplifying and minimalizing.

MARY, Swanzy  (1888 to 1978) was an Irish born artist who studied in Europe and worked with many of the famous artists at that time. She stylised her work and patterned the texture of the background flattening the buildings and putting a hidden wall outside, beside the rest of the building occasionally. She would flatten the fields behind the building, using them in an undulating way. Often the paintings were childlike. The paint was thick and wet with flat brush work.

The painting demonstration was done by our instructor, Caroline Marsland. during this discussion, she illustrated changing shapes in a dimensional way. The hedges were changed shape into an undulating green and blue, the church had walls that were not actually there, and the background was flattened.

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