Lively Ladies Exhibit Themselves!


I ve been part of Patcham Arts Club since its development in 2014. The Patcham community center has supported  Patcham Arts all along and we are now exhibiting Art on an ongoing basis at the Patcham Community Center by invitation.

The  lively ladies are going public public for the first time other than the many fans who have seen them on Facebook. There are framed pictures of each of them available for £40.00 and of course many cards that can be purchased online 6 for £10.00. Here is their story;


The Lively Ladies Story

During the pandemic, I was unable to get out to do my art and buy supplies. I decided to make art on my iPad and the Lively Ladies were born. 

The Lively Ladies,  are two friends of a certain age who have a healthy curiosity of the world around them. They also don’t care about societie’s expectations of what a ladies behavior should be. 

When their adventures were posted on Facebook, they soon had quite a following with people sending in suggestions about what these two scallywags could get up to next. They were accompanied by their trusty doggie, Blossom on their adventures along with an old Crow who couldn’t believe his old eyes at what they got up to.

There are cards and framed photos of all of their adventures on request.

You can see their adventures on my website,

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