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In the past month I have been working furiously with painting numerous encaustic paintings for a new Christmas Artists Open House at the Oxford Street Studio. The studio has never been involved in a Christmas open house before so we didn’t know what to expect. I love the location of the studio as it is just off the busy London Road shops in Brighton so I hoped that footfall would be there for any Christmas shoppers.

My plan was to just show encaustic work and to have the frames either in black or white. I also displayed pieces with a variety of sizes and prices including some unframed original pieces which were in my browser. I also had some small items such as felted soaps and cards available and thought that I would try to see how my eco printed silk scarves would be received.

Well, after the first weekend it appears that my plan worked. I am delighted to have sold seven paintings as well as various cards and felted soaps. It is interesting to note that although the silk scarves were admired none sold. We have two more weekends that will be opened so I am working to replace some of the smaller more popular paintings  as half of them have sold.

I continue to learn about the selling of my work. The number one item of importance is that one needs to be in a good location for buyers. It doesn’t matter how good your work is, if there are few people around to view your work, your sales will not be robust. Now I just need to continue to build that all important client list.

I wish all of you a happy healthy and prosperous Christmas.

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  1. Elvira

    I’m always impressed with people who do not only create art but also sell it. I couldn’t imagine myself buying such pieces but then again… your posts inspire me! Maybe I just have to go out and confront myself more often to ‘real life’ art – and then see if it clicks. Do you have an idea of who buys your work? And why they are buying it?
    I love how you show your process and work flow on your blog.

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