Down a Country Lane

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Ahh, we have survived Christmas celebrations and set out for a walk in the country lanes surrounding our family’s home north of London. It is late December and the land is resting from crops. Only a few birds welcome us but on the horizon walks a vision of a typical English horse woman hacking out on her beautiful mare. Given permission, I snap a picture of this peaceful scene. Turning the corner, another pony gazes at us curiously as he munches though some ivy in the hedge. He too poses for his picture.

I have loved horses all of my life and have had the privilege of being able to ride for many years. I love capturing images of them in my art. I loved the way that this animal caught the imagination of even our most ancient relatives with their cave paintings. I captured a little bit of this in my small encaustic art piece which I called ‘Cave Pony’.

And on we walked.


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