DuPont art group annual show

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August has rolled around again with the art group I belong to having their annual show. For those of you who wander into a gallery or an art show, little do you possibly appreciate the time and work it takes to prepare for a show, this one was three days long complete with the service of tea and cakes. I helped to hang it and was exhausted after a full day of setting up screens, and hanging well over a hundred paintings. It was so worth it as this show was our most successful with many paintings and cards being sold.
I was pleased to sell my Poplars on the Epte oil painting on the first day. I had plans to hang it in our dining room but alas, someone else will have that pleasure.
On the final day, our Lord Mayor of Brighton appeared in full mayoral dress at our invitation.Apparently she had flip flops on underneath the large cape. She was very charming and had definate likes and dislikes with the paintings. I was asked to explain some of the paintings to her, thus the picture below.
Shows like this are definitely a positive way to set goals for our club and bring folks together in art.




  1. Donna Jones

    It’s a beautiful painting Judy, so no wonder it sold so quickly – well done with getting all that setting up done. Btw does the mayor know about your new ‘royal’ connections??? 😉
    Donna x

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