Mother Goddess Costumes from Vietnam… Guest Blogger: Penny Peters

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What stunning work!

Gail Harker Center for Creative Arts

Vietnamese Embroidered Costumes  for the Worship of the Mother Goddess

Worship of the Mother Goddess is a purely Vietnamese folk belief.  It has a long history and has adapted to social changes over the centuries.  Today this belief is widely practiced throughout Vietnam and in Vietnamese communities around the world. Worship of the Mother Goddess addresses the concerns of daily life and desires for good health and good fortune.  Worshippers find emotional support in their belief, and it attracts followers from all strata of society. Mother Goddess worship encourages purity of heart, beauty and joy. The four colors associated with Mother Goddess worship are Red—Palace of Heaven, White—Palace of Water, Yellow—Palace of Earth, and Green—Palace of Mountains and Forests.

Hau dong, a theatrical ritual form, is at the center of Mother Goddess worship.  Mediums incarnate the gods in rituals. Costumes are important in identifying different deities in their incarnations. Wearing a…

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