Patcham Arts exhibition

Members of Patcham Arts just finished hanging an ongoing exhibition which will be at the Patcham Community Center in their newly updated building. We have been the signature art club for the community centre since 2014 with the centre, allowing us to hang with the artist open house for five years. They  also built us hanging rails in their upper floor.

We now will be exhibiting there on an ongoing basis. They have fully booked agendas for all of their rooms so people will be able to see and contact the artist for purchasing the art, or looking at websites of the artists.

I have two distinct styles of painting. The one that you are familiar with and one called Lively Ladies which was developed during COVID lockdown. Both are available on my website.

For the first time I have exhibited the Lively Ladies along with my regular paintings.

I will show you the hanging of part of my regular pictures. In another post, the Lively Ladies will be revealed.

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