Artistic Hornby Island

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I recently had the pleasure of visiting my sister at her summer place on Hornby Island which is an isolated small island off the coast of Vancouver Island, BC. You have to take three ferries to get there from Vancouver so needless to say, you need to want to go there as there is not through traffic. It seems like a step back into the 60’s

I love Hornby Island every time I visit as it is a delightful blend of artisans, hippies,and city folk who want an isolated get away. The houses show this diversity with as they range from small old A frames, cardboard and straw houses to high end eclectic architecturally designed works of art. The people are just as diverse. Below I have photos of some of the homes along with photos of the island and of course, a picture of the old soul at the recycling building and the area for recycling bicycles which is a common mode of transport.

Hornby is very proud of it’s recycling and has a large building to offer free exchange on all items plus recycling of garbage. It has an awesome pizza place called the cardboard house serving the island, one large co.op which sells everything you can think of, a few bed and breakfast facilities, cafes and clothing kiosks plus lots of artists and their wares. Opps, I almost forgot the fruit winery which makes wonderful bubbly champagne like wine from apples, cranberries, raspberries, etc.

We enjoyed touring the island and its few shops and the winery and ended each evening around a roaring campfire roasting marshmallows surrounded by stunning beauty. Now this is the way to recharge one’s artistic soul.img_3782 img_3702 img_3734 img_3756 img_3790 img_3731 img_3793 img_3716 img_3746 img_3796

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