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No matter what road you take in life, knowledge of your area is needed to ensure your success. This can be taken through formal education, a shorter course or working with an experienced teacher or coworker.

Earlier in my textile arts career, I was fortunate enough to discover the City and Guilds teaching through the Gail Harker Centre for Creative Arts in Washington USA where I achieved my art and design studies and diploma level in Advanced machine embroidery. This foundation in art was a very important stepping stone for my future art.

Today I had the pleasure of visiting the graduation exhibition of the Level 3 Experimental Stitch. My friend Wendy Mackinnon was one of those graduating. After 7 years of training, she is ready to take her skills and proceed in whatever area she decides on. Hew work and the work of the others were a reminder of the amazing study required for this foundation and the the foundation is just the start.

My oil painting teacher in the UK, Martin Kinnear, has repeated that continuous and daily painting is needed to develop ones skills. This advice applies to any area and is the critical element for the future of success of the artist.

I so enjoyed the textile exhibition and look forward to seeing their future work. img_3676 img_3677-1 img_3685-1aaa img_3688

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