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It is now the calm before the storm with the opening of the Brighton Festival Artist Open Houses which I am in. This is a huge month long event during the year and a busy one for artists.

I was asked to help organise a new artists open house here in Patcham last summer. It has been a lot of work and an education on setting one up. I will now be in three open houses including the Embroiders Guild one this year which is just a little crazy but fun. The private views for all three are being held this Friday but thankfully at slightly different times. If any friends are around for this, please come and view either during the private view or on weekends during the month of May.

PATCHAM ARTS OPEN HOUSE! INVITES YOU TO ! ! PRIVATE VIEW ! Sheffield Park by Judy Alexander ! on! on Friday, May 9th , 6pm – 8pm! at! Patcham Community Centre! Ladies Mile Road! Patcham, Brighton BN18TA! !

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  1. annihunt

    You sound busy Judy! But all will come good in the end. Keep up the good work, wish I could be there.

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