Bath Abbey

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Last week on our way back from a Christmas present run to St Ives for our daughter and grand daughter, we stopped by Wells in Sommerset Uk and stayed with friends for a couple of nights What a treat we had in a trip to Bath for a night at the theater, a trip through their  Christmas  street fair and of course, I needed to see the Bath Abby again.

Bath Abbey is so magnificent with its soaring roof which is a work of art on it’s own. I was so pleased to see an alter font made by the famous textile artist Jane Lemon. She is a superb textile artist and has her own group of expert embroiders to produce her designs. She has stunning work in many of the abbeys and Cathedrals throughout the UK. I was able to take the pictures  as well as one of that stunning roof.

  1. annihunt

    Lovely post Judy! You make me want to travel around the UK again!

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