Put a little jelly in your Teaching

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Artists work with the darndest materials. I think that the most unusual of late was artists making a pot full of jelly on a flat tray, painting it with acrylic paints and taking contact prints from it. Being a desert person, I would have likely added cream and dug in but no, one must not eat this but play with it. Thankfully a new product has been around for a few years called gellipad which takes the place of this tray full of jello. It is a firm jelly like feel and is lots of fun to make all sorts of designs with.

I took the opportunity to host two of my art friends for lunch avec vino and then taught them a few of the finer arts of the gellipad in my studio. We had a very fun messy time and the wine certainly helped. One of the friends, Carol Cleveland, was under pressure to produce an art piece for a charity show as she is rather famous being the only woman in the Monty Python group. Away we tackled art with the gellipad and she was able to produce an interesting abstract piece in a few hours which she is going to submit. Her cute little dog, Talula supervised us in the studio.


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