Easy Riders

These two ladies were developed during the virus lockdown of 2020 as iPad paintings. With everything so dour and stressful, I needed my art to venture into a sideline of fun and frolics that two uninhibited ladies could find themselves in. These are done on my iPad Pro and have been printed into cards and small giclee framed pieces. The are for sale everywhere the mail will carry them. The card prices are £2.50 or 5 cards for £10 plus postage. The giclee pieces are on Mounts (Mats in North America) and mailed this way to make it easier for postage with no chance of breakage. the size is 8″ by 11″. The price is £35.00 plus postage.

You can see all of them in the Brighton 2020 Christmas  Artist Open House At Nick Fords Oxford Street Studio the first 2 weeks of December.
I hope these ladies give you a chuckle. Their antics will continue to be added to the website.

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