Finding Your Own Voice

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Kathy Anne Whites column of june 2015 had an excellent quote from the blog on ArtsyShark by Caroline Edlund. It concerned the topic many artists struggle  with in finding their own voice. I found this enlightening and aspirational. I hope that you enjoy and find this information  helpful.

It is as follows:

“A couple weeks ago one of my artist-friends shared an email featuring a blog post. The post incorporates a quote-

“If you want to improve your game, make sure the person on the other side of the net is better than you. Play up.”

This is not only true in sports, it’s true in almost everything especially in art.

Artists ask me all the time about-finding their voice. My first thought is they have to want to do the work. Many times creatives travel from one workshop to another learning some great techniques, but never work it enough to make it their own. In the 90’s a truly great artist gave me great advice. Learn a technique- go back to your studio and work it over and over and over. Do a piece and another and another and another until what you learned evolves into your own work. The first year after that advice I created over 125 pieces in my first real series. That was the beginning of an inspiring and eventful art career.

Playing up! is a good way to advance your art game. You don’t have to change what you are doing in art in a major way. Just consider how you work, where would you like to be with your art then make it happen. Take the steps to be successful. Do the work.”

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