Knitting and Stitching Show

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A few days ago I treated myself with a trip to the Knitting and Stitching show at the very impressive and huge Alexander Palace in London.  This yearly show is absolutely packed with impressive displays of contemporary textile works from artists who are from around the world. It also has ongoing workshops for the four days that it is on as well as hundreds of exhibitor booths from a broad spectrum of textile manufactures. Thousands upon thousands of people attend each of the four days of the exhibition.

Upon arriving I was happy to bump into a long time friend and textile artist, Ruth Issett who was waiting for a  visiting group from the USA and Canada lead by my former teacher, Gail Harker. It was a pleasure to briefly see them both again although the pressing crowds necessitated only a brief meeting.

At the entrance to the show stood a huge life sized gazebo  which was completely knitted by some very cleaver local people. I was amazed at their talent as knitting has always been a skill that escaped me. I had to take a couple of photos of this lovely structure complete with it’s  love birds.

These large shows are candy to an artist. One gets to see what new avenues textile art is being taken as well as getting the opportunity to network with fellow artists.  One also gets to stock up on supplies and unusual items  that you can only find at these  shows. Aching feet are the only casualty at the end of a long day.




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