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Having goals in life gives you something to strive for, to look forward to each morning and to celebrate once these are achieved. The goals can vary from losing weight, which is a perpetual one with me, to learning new skills, traveling to new places , etc.

When I lack inspiration to paint or do my textiles, I find that having deadlines for gallery openings, art shows and juried exhibitions can keep me working furiously. Recently I had a piece called Mended accepted for a future show in BC, Canada with the Surface Design Association. It is a whimsical piece called ‘Grandma’s Magical Stories. (Lions & tigers & bears. Oh My!). It is posted below.

Another piece for the same association has just been sent in to be juried so I hope that it is successful. It is for Canada wide members of the SDA and I called it Aspens.

I hope that you enjoy these.  i would love to hear about of your artistic goals.



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  1. Jennifer Cooper

    You continue to amaze me, Judy. Well done.

    Hope to see you sooner, than later …


  2. leticialullabies

    Yes, setting deadlines is the only way I can achieve my life goals. I don’t posses what would be considered an artistic talent. But I do view my life as an art form as I work on carving and reshaping its current form in order to be a better parent to my kids.

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