Rudyard Kiplings’ Bateman Home

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A few days ago, we visited the fabulous former country home of the famous writer Rudyard Kipling. The house, called  Batemans, is located in Kent, UK.  and was given to the National Trust by his daughter many years ago.

The house is very large surrounded by beautiful gardens. In touring the fully furnished rooms, filled with his belongings, I spied  a beautiful tapestry done by William Morris who Rudyard was friends with. The National Trust has volunteers in each room who tell you the history of that room. It is a lovely way to make everything come alive. I learned that Rudyard was friends with dozens of famous people including artists, politicians and writers. Former prime minister, Stanely Baldwin was his cousin. His family was well connected but his dad, an artist, and the family were not wealthy. Kipling made his money through his writings.

After his only son was killed in the first world war, Rudyard become instrumental in setting up the International War Graves Commission which tends all of the graves across the world where ever soldiers of the wars are buried.Two of the rooms in Batemans housed an exhibition on this.

It was such an interesting place to visit. The gardens will be lovely next spring so another visit is a must.

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  1. fayelippitt

    I’ve always enjoyed Kiplings work, but had no idea what an amazing person he was. Thanks Judy for sharing this!
    Is that art attached your own? Love it.

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