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No matter what road you take in life, knowledge of your area is needed to ensure your success. This can be taken through formal education, a shorter course or working with an experienced teacher or coworker. Earlier in my textile … Continued

A Little Bit of Teaching

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I have just finished a two day demo/art show under the Master Artist umbrella for our White Rock library here in Canada. Being put under a master artist umbrella was humbling when looking at the company that I shared. I … Continued

Put a little jelly in your Teaching

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Artists work with the darndest materials. I think that the most unusual of late was artists making a pot full of jelly on a flat tray, painting it with acrylic paints and taking contact prints from it. Being a desert … Continued

Freshen up by taking a new course or workshop

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What ever walk of life you tread, it is often the case that a short influx of new ideas or a repeat and refresher of old ones can be just what you need to get going. We have all faced … Continued