Monet’s Garden

These iPad drawings done during the pandemic were going to wind down, but we hear of third and even forth waves of the darn virus. Although my regular painting continues in my studio, nothing like these two scallywags can make me smile so I guess that they will have to continue to entertain for now. I have packs of 5 cards and even iPad paintings of their adventures made for those who might wish to entertain their friends. Just drop me a line if you are interested and of course choose which adventures you wish for. Now for their latest adventure….

For those art lovers and travellers, you may have heard of the well kept beautiful gardens of Monet’s former home, Giverney,  in France. The gardens are wonderful to wander through and enjoy looking at. Unfortunately our Lively Ladies have not heard of the rules about keeping out of the flower beds and are cutting a wide swath through some particularly lovely areas! We can’t wait to see what they will do when they reach the magnificent water Lilly ponds which are just around the corner…. coming soon if the garden police don’t stop them first!

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