Most Beautiful Artistic TOILETS Ever by Hundertwasser!

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On our recent tour of the south sea islands and countries,  we were driving around the gorgeous north island of New Zealand when I saw a sign for Hundertwasser Toilets. I had heard something about this but couldn’t believe that we might see them. Who ever thought they might see an original artistic toilet building in the middle of a small town in New Zealand?

Hundertwasser was a famous Viennese twentieth century artist who I studied for my Art and Design diploma years ago. Not only was he brilliant, he was an avid environmentalist. I didn’t know that he had traveled to New Zealand on numerous occasions to stay near Kawakawa on the north island. They commissioned him to design a public toilet building in their main street. Now the whole small town is on the map due to this.

I immediately went into the ladies side and started taking photos chattering  to myself about the beauty of everything I saw. I am sure others inside thought that they might need to lock me up.  Afterward, I had to buy a few items including a  2018 calendar with loads of his art shown. Who knows, a new series of more modern paintings may result.



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