Totem poles and Carvings of the Pacific South

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After returning from a long cruise and road tour  of the Pacific Islands including Australia and New Zealand, I was surprised at the similarity of carvings done in the various cultures. I am familiar with our first nations and Inuit carvings in Canada. There were similar totem poles and carved heads throughout the islands.

In New Caledonia’s Ise of Pines, we were taken to an area where a fence of carved heads surrounded a memorial statue. I enjoyed taking photos of these thinking that they could be included in some of my art in the future.








We toured the Maori  site in Rotorua, New Zealand. Not only did we see the geysers they are famous for, but they have set up a school to teach the Maori young their traditional crafts. This included carving and weaving. There carving is quite distinctive with much more detail evident.



I couldn’t resist showing the above two pictures of the Maori weaving with chicken feathers.

I have made textile pieces of portraits including  my first one called Gramps. They are not like the carvings above which could be an inspiration for a new theme in my painting and textiles in the future. In the mean time, enjoy my old Gramps piece.



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