Painting and stitching workshop

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On July 13 gave a workshop sponsored by the Brighton embroiders guild here in Patcham. It was so much fun teaching a group of enthusiastic and talented stitchers how to paint on watercolor paper, bond it to calico and stitch it. They were soon having great fun in adding sheers and threads for embellishment. It was a seven hour workshop which resulted in some really lovely work. As always, one learns by teaching and I thoroughly enjoyed this class.
The guild has booked me to do another workshop next year on wild and wonderful new techniques in stitching and art. It should be an adventure!



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  1. fayelippitt

    I’ll bet these ladies had a ball – from this angle, looks like they made some nice stuff…. but where are the refreshments? Surely there was a wee cup o’ tea …. strong tea? They look happy enough that’s for sure. Well done!

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