People’s day

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On Saturday the 15th Brighton and Hove celebrated People’s day with dozens of organisations and groups performing or displaying their organisations, works and talents. Thousands attended with kids playing in the makeshift playgrounds, food courts busily selling all sorts of food and singers and dancers strutting their stuff.
We at DuPont art had about six of us painting and displaying some of our art in order to advertise DuPont. I brought my iPad as the kids love watching me draw on it and adults are fascinated that one can do this on an iPad. The mayor and her assistant came along and wanted to be shown how it worked as well. This picture captured the moment. The art behind me shows a couple of pictures and textile pieces that I brought to display as well. The other picture below is of a Monet that I did on the iPad. I find that it is a good tool for design and handy to take where water, paint and stitch are not easily used.




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