Refreshing an Old Picture

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Last week I sold a medium sized textile art piece,’ Silhouette’, at Patcham Arts, Artist Open House in Brighton. Having brought it back from Canada for this show, I was very pleased with the sale but it did leave a large space on the wall which needed immediate attention as the exhibition is on for the month of May.

After a review of my textile mixed media stock, I decided on a piece I had completed a few years ago that was still unsold. It would do in size but it needed to be refreshed. As it was on an acrylic base, I was able to overpaint parts of it adding various mediums to give it a new fresher look. The darker one below is the older piece in need of a facelift.

If you are unhappy with a former piece of art, there is nothing to stop you from overpainting it or adding various pigments with varnish, shellac, mediums or resins to change it’s appearance and give it a new lease on it’s artistic life.


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  1. Faye Lippitt

    Good idea Judy. I’ve got some pieces that need “refreshing” too – thanks for the tip! Your refreshed piece just had that extra something that makes it special.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks Faye, please let us see your refreshed piece. Jx

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