Scottish Diaspora Tapestry

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Yesterday I had the privilege to act as a monitor in London’s  historic Westminster Hall to help the public with the viewing of this amazing piece of Scottish history. It was a chance to see this beautiful group of 305 panels of hand embroidered panels stitched by Scottish people or their descendants from around the globe.  Many  Embroiders Guilds had been asked to assist with the monitoring so I quickly volunteered.

I especially enjoyed the panel from down under advertising the then pound passage  which the UK government sponsored to assist  immigration to the colonies. My husbands family took advantage of this when it was 5 pound passage. I have photographed the quick guide for your information as well as a few of the panels. Apparently all of the panels are online as well.

It also was the first time I visited the historic Westminster hall with it’s famous hammer beam roof constructed in the 1390’s. This great hall is where many royal occasions occur. I took a quick photo of the panel outlining some of it’s history.

I was so impressed with the whole exhibition. I hope that you enjoy these photos.



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  1. Gail harker

    Thanks for posting about the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry Judy. Our part of the country had a chance to see it when it was in Victoria B.C. last year but certainly not all those who would have liked to. Your photos help to provide a flavor of the event.

  2. Kathie Kerler

    Judy, I viewed the exhibit when it was at Anchor Mills, during a trip I made to the UK in September 2014. We spent 2 – 3 hours, and I could personally have spent many more. The compositions were fabulous, and I love embroidery.

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