Royal Ascot, A touch of Class

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting and spending the day at Royal Ascot with two girlfriends. As we were in the Queen Anne enclosure, hat and formal dress were mandatory. Now my artist eye was in overdrive with all the feathers, curls, and textiles on the heads of bejewelled ladies. What colour there was to behold! I didn’t fully realise the importance of hat design as a creative art until then. I should like to use some of the unusual colorful shapes in some of my textile art in the future – spirals with a twist.

As an avid royalist, I was in heaven and amazed by the casualness of having these illustrious royals wandering around us. Yes, they had plenty of tall hatted gentlemen close by but it was such a treat to see the Queen, Kate the Duchess of Cambridge and William, Princes Anne and other royals looking so relaxed and in their familiar surroundings.

The horses were, as always,splendid and the whole Ascot area was such an impressive design. One could get right up to the finish line to see ones’s horse gallop past. I was fortunate enough to hold winning tickets for each race and turn my £2.00 bets (big spender) into a profit of over £60.00.

All in all it was a day to remember. I loved the artistic presentations on tottering legs, the horses and my time with two friends.

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