The beauty of Historic places

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A visit to the Royal Albert Hall has been on my bucket list for some time. I took advantage to see a wonderful dance theater production of the Follies which was only being shown for one day with two shows. We went to the matinee and enjoyed a walk through Hyde Park which was magnificent with its glorious color of flowers expertly designed by a wise gardener.We passed the Diana memorial which I found sensitively designed with people in mind who loved her and could come and soak tired feet in the waters.  On we went and I first noticed the tall spire of the Albert Memorial which stands in front of the Royal Albert Hall. Then we entered into the hall itself . Its splendour was everything I expected. It was bathed in rich  of golds and scarlets with its tiers of boxes where one could enjoy the hundreds of shows that occur there continuously.

All in all, I was in awe of the many artists including architects, garden designers,sculptures, actors, dancers, etc who added to the pleasure of the day.

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