A Taste of Brighton

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The Brighton and Hove Arts Festival begins the second of May and continues for the whole month. During this time there are all sorts of artistic venues with dance, concerts. plays, etc. There are also hundreds of Artists Open Houses throughout the area which are open on weekends for one to enjoy. I am fortunate to be involved in three of these during the month. I will highlight each as they open.

My first open house is with the Oxford Street Studio located just off London Road Shops area in Brighton.  We have a Brighton theme to the show. Nick Ford is the proprietor and has opened his studio to three painters who include Caroline Marsland, Kate Greenaway and me. Claire Dines will show her pottery and Nick along with Rachael Williams and John Nutely with be displaying their photography. It should be a fun time for the group of us and will include demos by the artists. The show opens weekends starting  on May 2nd and ending May 25th. We are having a studio party on April 9th all afternoon and into the evening so come and join us.

I am specifically showing only my encaustic art. For those of you wondering what this is, well just imagine taking hot wax and mixing it with pigments and heating it onto boards or even papers.  Below I have several of the Brighton scenes which will be for sale during the show. I hope to see you there.

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  1. fayelippitt

    Really fine work Judy. Congratulations on being selected to show it at the various galleries!

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