The Magic of London Christmas Lights

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Having never seen the famous Christmas lights of London, we decided to extend our day there to include them. Oh My! What a treat. After have a visit to the Royal Academy of Arts Upon leaving the RAA, we looked across the street to view Fortum and Mason in wonder. The whole building had been light up and decorated and all the windows had automated Christmas scenes. This level of artistic design takes amazing skills. I was so impressed. We wandered down Regency Street and Piccadilly absolutely amazed at the sheer number and beauty of the decorations.

As we continued down Regency street where we were followed by glittering angels on high. Stopping by the huge famous toy store, #Hamlays, we ventured in to a heaving mass of excited adults and Children on all of their 4 floors. I have never seen so many varied toys with dozens of happy helpful staff dressed as elves. We ventured up a side street to the beautiful exquisite Liberty’s of London housed in their ancient masterpiece of a building. The four story central hanging was breath taking.  Side streets were  beautifully decorated as well. We stopped for a quick dinner amidst the happy crowds.

After walking up and down the various streets and coloured decorations, we finally made our way tired but happy back to our train taking us home to Brighton.

It was an exhilarating experience I would recommend to anyone who would like to make their Christmas experience complete.

Fortum and Masons

I always wanted to be an angel.

One of Fortum and Masons beautiful automated Christmas windows.

the four story centre piece at Libertys of London

the inside of the famous Hamlays Toy Store filled with excited children and tired adults.


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