Amazing lines in Nature

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My husband and I are presently enjoying a cruise through some of the South Pacific Islands enroute to Australia and NewZealand. We took a tour through jungles on the big Island of Hawaii and today was the US Samoan Islands in Pago Pago’s turn.

I an just amazed at the variety, complexity, size and colors of the growth in these jungles. Some of the leaves were over 6 feet long. I was stopping every few feet to admire and take photos much to my husband sometimes frustration. How can nature make such wonderful designs?

i am taking some of them and working on developing further images through overlapping, varying sizes and colors, mixing them up and just having a good old time playing with all this wonder.

Taking yourself to new places can open your eyes to worlds you cannot ever imagine. It can bring out the artist in you or recharge your artistic skills and imagination.

Go for it!

  1. Anne Funnell

    So glad you are enjoying the cruise. Have you visited Maui yet? Maybe it is not on your itinerary. If you do – just marvel at the banyan tree and, more to the point, revel in the company of such beautiful, artistic people selling their wares.

    Your artistic juices must be running amok Judy dear, I know you will be so busy when you get home. xxx

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