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I have just finished a two day demo/art show under the Master Artist umbrella for our White Rock library here in Canada. Being put under a master artist umbrella was humbling when looking at the company that I shared.

I had two school classes to teach aged 8 and 11 and was given around 30 minutes each. I therefore designed small painted layered cards for each of them to layer with threads, textiles and sequence, all to be glued on. There were to be no needles as they had no experience with stitching and in that short time, safety was a factor.

The classes were a resounding success. The 8 year olds were appreciative and so sweet. They produced lots of fun art and I was given hugs by some. The 11 year olds were quite noisy and one could tell that the hormones of teenage years were already in evidence. They seemed to like the experience and produced fun pieces as well.

My wonderful nieces and families showed up for sessions as did many friends and adults in the library. All made their own little piece of original art which they signed.

It was such a rewarding experience to introduce so many to playing at art. I hope that the adults and children would have enjoyed ┬átheir experience with this and will go on exporting such a rewarding pastime as art – or perhaps a future artist may have been among these happy little souls.


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  1. Jennifer Cooper

    Looks as though GREAT fun was had by all. Including the teacher.

    Well done. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Marilyn Brown

    I wish that I could have been there too. The art work that these kids produced is lovely. Maybe I could have produced some too! Thanks for being an inspiration to the young kids.
    Marilyn Brown

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