The Stunning Art of Las Vegas

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We recently returned from a one week holiday trip to Las Vegas in the company of my sister Pat and brother in law Gord who acted as our tour guides. My husband had never experienced the place and was blown away from this unique experience which he described as over the top but in a positive way.

Las Vegas is a huge fantasy town built on its gambling initially but is now a huge  artistic extravaganza. The massive hotel resorts have not spared expense to put amazing art not only in their architecture but in their internal decor which changes with the seasons. The colour, design, uniqueness, and splendour of it was jaw dropping. Around every corner were delightful surprises. Some examples were the amazing marble inlaid floors and walls, a full sized live flower petaled merry go round in full operation, man made mountains with water falls and even an original  Henry Moore sculpture sitting comfortably in the courtyard of the Aria. Of course there was the volcano which erupts hourly at night from the front of the Mirage and dancing waters in the lake in front of the Bellagio. There is even a new huge wheel called The High Roller, which is larger then the London Eye!

The crowds were thick at night and very colourful with many characters in dress.  My sister and I took an elevator down one floor with three Elvis impersonators. Many costumed people were posing for us to take a photo standing beside them  for the price of a tip. My sister and I were amazed at the opulence of the washrooms in these resorts and decided to rate them. This will be discussed in another blog. My favourite had textile art in the washroom which I was delighted to see.

I haven’t even begun to talk about the amazing choice of famous entertainers who appear nightly in the shows on offer which we would like to return to see. It is also a shoppers paradise with every high end shop available. The food was eye popping with ten foot cakes. We were fortunate to have pleasant temperatures in this desert town. All in all, we had a fun, entertaining and educational week in wonderful, crazy colourful Las Vegas!


  1. Anne Funnell

    So delightful Judy, your words give me a picture of something I would so love to see. Good to know you’re both enjoying life to the full!

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