Textile into Paint

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Recently I offered a long time friend a piece of my art as thanks for being so supportive over the years. She chose a textile piece called ‘Windswept’. I warned her that it was in an exhibition in Brighton UK and unfortunately for her, it sold.

Faced with the dilemma on what to do I decided to paint her a copy. She wanted it slightly larger so this would work well but I had never copied one of my textile pieces as a painting.

Using various acrylic textural mediums I think that the texture of the textile has been captured. I especially like the elongated landscape shape.  I am pleased with it. I thought that I would post the two pieces for you to compare.

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  1. Anonymous

    Stunning Awesome. I am deeply moved my dear dear friend (and soul sister)
    Love love Hilrie.

  2. Admin_JA

    Hi Faye, It is 18 by 40 inches. You can buy various textured mediums at art stores. They are generally acrylic based and drt clear, jxx

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