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What ever walk of life you tread, it is often the case that a short influx of new ideas or a repeat and refresher of old ones can be just what you need to get going. We have all faced times when we struggle with blocks, be it a writer’s block, artistic, or day to day living. You can always pick up something new that you can take with you with this type of refresher.

It was that way it was with me yesterday when I took a short textile course from a  friend and fellow textile artist, Arthur Ridley here in Brighton, UK. He gave a one day course involving a transfer inks on a synthetic fibre called Texture Magic. Even though most of the information was known to me, I discovered new ways to put things together and new materials on the market which changes with innovations in the textile industry. It also gave me a little boost to produce. This cute little sample is pictured below.

Try something new or old and give yourself a little buzz of inspiration.




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