Ancient Spirits III

Today I had the great pleasure of spending the afternoon with a long time friend Irene Laidley. She and another friend, Irm Mathes joined me at the White Rock Library to view the last few days of my solo exhibition. … Continued

On Parade

This is the largest of my Chicken series ((18 by 25”) and one that can make you chuckle. I loved painting the chicks and giving them individual personalities. The one still in his shell must be a determined old soul. … Continued

From The Shadows

The background for this piece is a canvas painted in soya based liquids mixed with pigment. These materials are friendly for the environment. The people are walking forth with joy following their vibrant leader. it is 12 by 20” and … Continued

Falling Leaves

After a delightful textile  summer school with textile expert and teacher, Wendy Dolan I enjoyed working on a mixed media piece which I started there  and called Falling Leaves. It was made with layered textiles which were stitched down, painted … Continued


Spring is when these lovely little flowers cover the ground throughout the world. They welcome the warmer weather and sunny days. I enjoyed producing mixed media textile pieces. In the prairies of Alberta, the wild crocus is soft and very … Continued

Painted Sun Rise

This is a textile and painted piece which was stitched. The inspiration was an amazing sunrise in western Canada captured by my sister Faye. It was hard to believe that the sky’s could produce such colors. This piece started out … Continued

Daisies !!

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Unframed 9 by 11 in. Mixed Media on Fine Art Paper Style: Contemporary Realism Subject: Floral Year Created: 2012 Description: Mixed media on 120 pound water colour paper.

Bamboo Sunrise

Framed 16 by 12 by 1 in. Mixed Media on Fine Art Paper Style: Illustrative Subject: Botanical Year Created: 2012 Description: This piece was painted in acrylic then stitched over with cotton thread. Sold sold